Izu shimoda strawberry picking

strawberry picking

Opening this season!

All-you-can eat for 30 minutes.

Cultivar type : Benihoppe

With condensed milk

【 Opening time 】


【Opening period】

Late December to Mid May

Opening day calendar

Business day : OPEN

Closed day : CLOSED

To be determined : blank

End day : End day

Information on rates

Information on rates 3 years and over Under 3 years old
late december~1/3 1,800円 900円
1/4~2/last day 1,600円 800円
3/1~3/31 1,400円 700円
4/1~4/30 1,200円 600円
5/1~5/middle 1,000円 500円
※0 year old child is free.

access to nagomikaen


Shimoda City Shizuoka prefecture Shihara 299

Shimoda・Minamiizu → Nagomikaen

Coming by bus

When using a bus from Izukyu-Shimoda station.

nagomikaen shimoda strawberry pickking

[23minutes in all]

A.Please Take the Matsuzaki-Dougashima line at Shimoda station bus rotary 5

Izukyu-shomoda Station Bus Rotary Line 5 to Matsuzaki line-Dougashima.

⬇ about 18minutes

Please get off at Aitama bus stop.

Bus≪Time table≫
To go Return
Izukyu-Shimoda Station → Aitama Bus Stop  Aitama Bus Stop →  Izukyu-Shimoda Station
9:30 9:30
10:00 10:25
11:00 11:10  11:45
12:00 12:20
13:00  13:30 13:10  13:51
14:00  14:30 14:20
16:14  16:50
fare: ¥470 fare:  ¥470


Izukyu-Shimoda Station Bus rotary.
5番線 時刻表

Bus stop. 5Line  To Matuzaki-Dougashima.

B.Get off at Aitama bus stop


Aitama Bus stop

Please turn right at the traffic light.

Please get off at Aitama bus stop.

Aitama Bus Stop

⬇ 5 minutes on foot.

Arrived in Nagomikaen.

※Please turn right at the traffic light and arrive at Nagomikaen parking lot in 5 minutes on foot.

C.Arrived in Nagomikaen.


It is several tens of meters from the parking lot to the park.

Please be sure to have a guide signboard.

Coming by car

About 15 minutes from Izukyu-Shimoda Station

Around Shimoda station

⬇ 15minutes

Shimoda City Shizuoka prefecture Shiibara 299

Please turn left at the traffic signal(MItsukuri) at point B.

Signboard is on the mark.

 < Coming by taxi >




Kawazu cherry blossome

Access to nagomikaen(strawberry picking) from Kawazu cherry blossome.

From Kawazu

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